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Property Managers

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KeyAXS delivers quality prospects to your door!

KeyAXS delivers quality prospects to your door!

KeyAXS gives renters a better way to explore!

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Property Managers

KeyAXS delivers qualified prospects that have used our on-demand service to visit your properties and are ready to rent. You select the viewing criteria and KeyAXS does all the rest!

  • Quality Leads

    Only verified and pre-screened prospects who meet your criteria can visit your properties.

  • Notifications

    Anytime a prospect visits one of your properties, you will receive a notification that includes the person's name and contact information.

  • Reporting

    Valuable information such as total visits, durations, peak visit times, and user ratings.

Give verified and pre-screened prospects the benefits of on-demand visits!


KeyAXS provides convenient, on-demand property viewing for quality renters who register and meet viewing criteria.

  • Register

    Register with KeyAXS to see a list of properties available for on-demand viewing. Your viewing profile is never shared.

  • Discover

    Search for properties on KeyAXS.com or look for the KeyAXS logo on your favorite real estate website.

  • Download

    Download the KeyAXS mobile app for iOS and Android, and use it to find properties you can visit on-demand.

  • Visit

    Visit properties at your convenience and contact the property manager when you are ready to rent.